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Total Commander is the best file manager ever.. Yes, exactly like the titles says. After the release of this 2 pane file manager, it has become somehow a standard in the file manager’s world. Nowadays, every decent file manager has 2 panes, and tries to incorporate as many futures like Total Commander does.. But you know what? After 10 years of using Total Commander I couldn’t find a replacement for it.. because it’s simple, fast and very very powerful. And when I’m saying simple, I mean that any inexperienced user can use it without problems. My first disappointment was when I’ve installed Ubuntu for the first time.. Total Commander, written in Delphi couldn’t run on Linux, and I had to use it with Wine, but… still, I was a little bit disappointed, because every file manager I installed, nothing could reach the greatness of TC. So when I first bought an Android based phone, of course, Total Commander wasn’t available for Android… and I don’t know why, yesterday I’ve searched for total commander on android.. And there it was, the first Release Candidate of Total Commander released…

Christian Ghisler, the creator of Total Commander, couldn’t do a better job with this Android version. He released it free, without any ads, and with more futures than I could have imagined. And it has 2 panes too!!

So, let’s start from the beginning.

  • It has two panes, but you can only see them in landscape mode. In portrait mode, you can switch to the other pane by pressing the arrows on the right or by dragging the screen. Pressing the equals symbol will sync them. I guess that on a tablet, you could see both panes at the same time even when you’re in portrait mode.


  • The left pane from the first image, has shortcuts to the most used directories, in order to access them quickly. You can add other shortcuts here too
  • The button bar, has 6 buttons (from left to right):
    - File Selection (you can also select multiple files by tapping their icon)
    - Copy/Move
    - Zip/Unzip with encrypted support
    - Delete file(s)
    - Sort files (by name, extension,size,date)
    - Configure button bar, by adding a new button with the following functions:
          – Change directory
          – Internal Command
          – Launch app
          – View file with app
          – Send to app
          – Send shell command


  • By pressing the menu button, you can view Directory History, Search Files, or configure the application


  • It has an embedded file editor, and you can view thumbnails if your folder contains images


  • Has an Application Manager accessible from the Home Pane


  • From Settings page, you can:
    1. Switch Languages (20 languages supported)
    2. Toggle Show hidden files/folders
    3. Change the Internal Associations
    4. Configure Thumbnails
    5. Change the fonts style, size, and color
    6. Make the application run in Full Screen (it hides the notification bar)
  • You can view and change the properties of a file/folder by long pressing it
  • From the home pane (reach it by clicking the home button), you can add plugins, which is fantastic. You just go to and click Download+Install. For the moment, there are only 3 plugins:
    1. FTP Plugin
    2. LAN (Windows Network)
    3. WebDAV (Network Folders


    , but I’m sure that there are many more to come

    Those being said, it’s great to have the Total Commander in Android… it looks amazing, it’s very useful and full of features. While still in RC1, it’s stable, and while I’ve tested it I didn’t encounter any error. It isn’t in the Market yet, but you can download it from here, or install it using the QR Code below:

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