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Starburst Rom–No More Space Problems

Starburst is one of the best ROMs for my HTC Desire, just because the internal memory of the Desire is crappy… and without a ROM like Starburst everyone will eventually see the “low space message”. The main future of the Starburst ROM is a cool script made by Sibere,  named Data2SD, which is script that allows the active data being used by applications to reside on the SD card vs internal memory. Basically it’s redirects requests to directories to the same directory on the card. It will allow you to have more active applications and not fill up the phone’s RAM or internal storage NAND with data

Even if you have A2SD or App2SD+, these are all imperfect, and even if you’ll move all your apps, you’re still going to be asked to remove your favorite apps in order to gain space

But with Starburst, here’s the space after installing the ROM:


Almost 1Gb!! Now you’ll have enough space to install all your favorite apps. And the Quadrant Score is..HIGH Smile

Now, here’s how to install it

  • If you phone is unrooted(basically, if you didn’t changed the ROM since you bought your phone) , root it first: How to root your phone with Unrevoked
  • Then, you should create an ext4 partition on your SD Card.If your SD Card is already partitioned, you should skip the following paragraph. I’m using youADB (or gParted from Linux) to partition my SD Card, because it’s fast and it’s working Smile I really don’t want to partition it manually as long as I have these apps. So partition it using youADB (you’ll find them in market too) or gParted if you have Linux installed.  The ROM Manager isn’t recommended since the largest Ext partition you can create is 512mb

    The main idea is that you’ll have:

  • a FAT32 partition where you’ll put your music,documents and everything else, being the visible SD Card when you mount it
  • an ext4(or ext3) partition who’s size should be ~ 1gb or more, because basically this is your Free Space for installing apps.
  • a Swap partition (should have 32 or 64mb)

If you’ve partitioned your SD Card is time to move on the next step

Installing the ROM is quite simple and I suggest installing the version with Data2SD included, so you don’t have to flash it manually. Go to their download page and search for

ROM: StarBurst Classic

Download the zip and install it via recovery mode (If you don’t know how to do this, read the tutorial from here)

If you encounter problems, try reading their Installation page, their FAQ ,or tell me your problem because maybe I’ve forgot something.

Starburst features:

  • HTC Official FroYo Sense 2.2 FR91
  • Based on the latest HTC RUU 2.29.405.5
  • Rooted
  • StarBurst is fully compatible with the latest version of Clockworkmod Recovery (Edify)
  • Init.d scripts supported
  • Busybox-1.18.4
  • ROM Manager supported
  • Over the Air updates (OTA) via ROM Manager

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  • Mats

    do you need to clear/wipe any cache’s, dalvik caches or anything before flashing the rom?

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