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MIUI vs. CyanogenMod updated

miui_romI’ve recently wrote a post about MIUI vs. CyanogenMod, but at that time I didn’t tried MIUI and I didn’t know anything about MIUI, just what I’ve read from some reviews. What can I say.. The first time when I’ve installed MIUI I was very satisfied. Beside the fact that the launcher was iPhone style, which isn’t such a bad thing, it was very fast, clean and smooth. It was different from all the others custom roms I’ve tried. But here are the reasons for changing back to the Sense based roms:

First of all, I’ve tried the 1.8.19 version, so I don’t know what’s going to be changed when you’ll read this post..

1. The most annoying thing ever is that I couldn’t use the browser. Every page was translated in Chinese, which is a very annoying thing when you’re not Chinese Smile. I tried changing the language for a couple of minutes but after some time I gave up, because a featured rom with so many user shouldn’t have this bug. If I’ve selected my language, I want the pages to be translated in my language, or at least to remain with their default language.

2. Some labels weren’t translated, and when you enter their gallery of backgrounds, tone, alarm sounds, the categories and the titles were in Chinese..

3. I couldn’t preview any tone or alarm sound.. It showed me the progress bar indicating that the sound is playing, but it wasn’t playing at all.

4. If I wanted a new font from their font gallery, the phone was getting the entire theme which the font belonged too, so it was taking a while to download a new font (mostly because their server download speed was a little bit low)

5. No app drawer… I tried to get used to the folders, because I don’t want to have n home screens with all my apps.. But I couldn’t find a setting to download an app to a default folder or something.. No, all the downloaded apps were downloaded to the first home screen that had a little bit of space left. No problem, this way I appreciate the real value of an app drawer Open-mouthed smile.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried all the Home Launchers, but neither was fully integrated.. With LauncherPro the status bar  was a little bit ugly, and ADW Launcher looked promising until after a reboot it changed my background and fonts to default, leaving me with a font for the launcher and a different font to the menu.. So the theme inheritance was kind of broken.

This is all I remember, but I’ll definitely try again MIUI Rom when it will have an App Drawer, and maybe ‘till then all the translation problems will disappear.

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