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E:can’t open /cache/recovery/command

This was the most annoying error that i’ve seen so far on my desire, but after 4-5 hours of searching through different forums, I didn’t find any good solution to my problem. It seems that this error can have multiple causes, so.. I’ll present mine and try to remember all the others.

The first time I’ve encountered the error, I’ve rooted my Desire, and after a couple of days, after installing different things, I’ve tried to enter in ClockWork Mod Recovery, but I had this nice surprise: “E:can’t open /cache/recovery/command“. The problem was that I couldn’t use unrevoked, because it was giving the following error: “Error: failed to get root. Is your firmware too new?” . I couldn’t install any zip also, because I couldn’t toggle the signature verification (I’ve tried installing new roms).
The solution was to install the official RUU, which you cand find it here and after installing it, Unrevoked worked flawlessly and I had access to the ClockWork Mod without the /cache/recovery/command problem.

The second time was exactly after installing the official RUU. I’ve tried downgrading the os to 2.1, and the use Unrevoked, but without any success. It was saying that it can’t push the recovery image.  The solution was:

Using a Ubuntu (through VirtualBox), i’ve install gParted and then reformat my sdcard only to FAT32 (I guess that the problem was that I had the card partitioned in 3 parts: a FAT32 partition, a Ext4 partition and a linux-swap. )

After this, since I was in Ubuntu, I’ve run the Unrevoked tool from there and it worked perfect. I didn’t tried running it from windows to see if it was working, but my guess is that the problem was only with the partitioned sdcard, and not with the OS.

Other problems that could generate this error:

1. You probably have a file named, or any other zip on /sdcard. Try deleting all the zip files on the root of your sdcard and try again.

2. You probably messed up something  in your phone’s OS. If you can, try a “Reset to factory settings” (after you backup everything, of course)

3. Try deleting /cache/recovery/command (?) .. I didn’t tried this.. but I’ve seen this posted as a solution

I’ll add these as soon as I’m remembering… or if you had this problem, you can leave a comment :)

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  • warcraft

    Thanks particularly for the quickstart vids, I was so excited after downloading the tools that you cannot imagine how disappointed I was to discover I couldn’t get them to work! You came to my rescue and saved the day!

  • eduardo

    i couldn’t either, it happens when my rooted phone is downgraded into donut OS that non rooted, the installation is perfect, but when i tried to upgrade into eclair (One of the step for me to flash my desire rom) it shows can’t find blah blah blah, then i ignore it, and try to update the rom, but it keeps failing me by coding 0xf116, and also when compie downloading the phone use to showing process updating the firmware, but this time phone is black out but not off and then reverse into recovery mode.

    i am using what they call z71 commtiva, so all the rom i have is tried to updated to the phone but always showing error,

    i did all the step in your blog except for deleting the folder of cache which i am not sure where can i find the folder. thank you and i help you could be my hero l.o.l

  • Andrew

    Uffff. sorry man, can’t think of any solution right now.. If you’ve tried formatting the sdcard, and restore it to a single partition combined with the installation of an official RUU Rom..

  • Dortha

    Superbly ilulmianitng data here, thanks!

  • Parmelia

    At last, seomone comes up with the “right” answer!

  • Salmanshakeelhassan



    I am rooted HTC Desire S through SuperOneClick and install
    ROM Manager , then I did Flash clockworkMod Recovery but problem is when I am
    go to ROM Manager for Installation ROM from SD card and select the reboot/
    recovery my phone reboots and comes up on my screen and a line on the bottom
    sys E: can’t open /cache/recovery/command ….

    Any tips Please

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