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DSIXDA’s ROM Kitchen for HTC Android Devices

Today I’ve found one of the coolest things that I’ve seen this year, and it’s very, very handy if your a little geek that wants to learn and to try new things in Android. The xda-developers member dsixda has created a wonderful kitchen for HTC Android devices that has a complete list of options to explore. This allows you to create a custom ROM from 0, or to modify an existing one… and it’s perfect for those who doesn’t know how to do all of these things from linux using complex and complicated commands.

The kitchen supports lots of HTC phones and non-HTC phones as well. Here’s the list (copied from his thread):


  • Buzz / Wildfire
  • Desire
  • Desire HD
  • Desire Z
  • Dream / G1
  • Droid Eris
  • Evo 4G
  • Evo Shift 4G
  • HD2 – using NAND ROM
  • Hero / G2 Touch
  • Incredible
  • Legend
  • Magic / myTouch 3G
  • myTouch 4G
  • Nexus One
  • Tattoo / Click
  • All other rooted HTC Android devices (untested)
  • All other HTC Windows Mobile devices that can run Android NAND ROMs (untested)


The kitchen works in Linux, Mac OS X or Windows(using Cygwin - a Unix environment for Windows)

You’ll start by unpacking a ROM (a stock ROM or a custom ROM), and then you can start modifying it. After you finish everything, you can pack everything into a ROM and then flash it to your rooted device.

I’ve tested a little this kitchen and i find it fantastic. The thread contains lots of information about how to setup the kitchen so you can’t run into any problem… but you can always ask if something’s wrong.

Here’s the list of options supported by his kitchen:

 HTC Android Kitchen - by dsixda (

Main Menu

 1. Set up working folder from ROM
 2. Add root permissions
 3. Add BusyBox
 4. Disable boot screen sounds
 5. Add wireless tethering
 6. Zipalign all *.apk files to optimize RAM usage
 7. Change wipe status of ROM
 8. Change name of ROM
 9. Check update-script for errors
10. Show working folder information

Advanced Options

 11 - Deodex files in your ROM
 12 - Add task killer tweak for speed (stock ROM only)
 13 - Add /data/app functionality
 14 - Add Nano text editor + sysro/sysrw
 15 - Add Bash (command shell)
 16 - Add Apps2SD
 17 - Add /etc/init.d scripts support (busybox run-parts)
 18 - Add custom boot animation functionality
 19 - Porting tools (experimental)
 20 - Unpack or re-pack a boot image
 21 - Unpack data.img
 22 - Sign APK file(s)
 23 - Convert update-script or updater-script
 24 - Run plugin scripts

99. Build ROM from working folder
00. About/Update kitchen
 0. Exit

I don’t think that there’s anything else to be said. Just try it and enjoy it. And take a look at his thread for more information about installing it. 

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  • dsixda

    Just a correction to your article, at the part in bold where it says it only works in Linux or Mac — it does in fact work in Windows. Just install Cygwin. It’s actually the easiest way to install the kitchen ;-) Thanks for the article and your interest!

  • Andrew

    Sorry, you’re right. Thanks :)

  • Kenny Mcclarnon

    You have brought up a very good details , thanks for the post.

  • woodworking patterns

    i tried reading your website from my xperia x10 but it wasnt visible your website supported by mobile browsers?

  • Andrew

    … I’m seeing my site from my HTC

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